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B-1033: Diagnosis and Treatment of Ova Retention in Koi

B-1033: Diagnosis and Treatment of Ova Retention in Koi

Presenter: Dr. Nick Saint-Erne

Date: October 27, 2017 Time: 16.00 UTC

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Duration: 1.0 hours

Career level: Veterinarians, Veterinary Scientists, Veterinary Students

CEPD Credits: 1.0 hours of CEPD

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More about this event

About this Webinar:

In the normal reproductive cycle, koi spawning occurs in the spring, as the pond water temperature increases. Due to various factors, some older females may not expel their eggs (ova, or roe) resulting in retention of the egg mass (egg binding), and can cause compression of the abdominal organs, kidney dysfunction, osmoregulation abnormalities (edema), and egg necrosis. Treatment options include environmental manipulation, medications and surgery.


Learning Objectives:

Participants will understand: 
1. Normal koi spawning cycle; 
2. Differentials for distended coelom; 
3. Diagnostic techniques; and, 
4. Treatment options. 


About the Speaker:

Dr. Nick Saint-Erne Dr. Saint-Erne is the Quality Assurance Veterinarian for PetSmart, Inc. in Phoenix, Arizona and is also an Adjunct Professor at Midwestern University College of Veterinary Medicine in Glendale, AZ. He is author of “Advanced Koi Care” (2002), now in its second edition. Since 1985 he has lectured to numerous fish and koi clubs around the U.S., and lectures on Aquatic Veterinary Medicine to veterinarians throughout the world.



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