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WAVMA Fellows

WAVMA Fellows are full members of WAVMA who have been recognized by their peers and the WAVMA Executive Board as contributing to the development of aquatic veterinary medicine through clinical endeavor, scientific research, teaching or other significant ways. The WAVMA Fellow designation is a prestigious honorarium that recognizes the commitment to and achievement in the field of aquatic veterinary medicine.


Current WAVMA Fellows

Nick Saint-Erne (2017)

Mohamed Faisal (2016)

Grace Karreman (2013)

Peter L. Merrill (2012)

Marian McLoughin (2013)

Dusan Palic (2013)

Ronald J. Roberts (2012)

A. David Scarfe (2012)

Julius M. Tepper (2012)

Christopher I. Walster (2012)



Stephen Reichley, DVM, PhD, CertAqV
WAVMA Secretary
132 Lichfield Road
Stafford, Staffordshire ST17 4LE
United Kingdom

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