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WAVMA Student Chapters

To initiate a new Student Chapter download the WAVMA Student Chapter Guidelines

Some examples of programs and privileges available to Student Chapters:

  • Assistance in organizing and promoting Chapter programs and activities.
  • Access to recorded webinars and live web-based presentations from experts around the world.
  • Low annual WAVMA Student Membership ($25) - 50% Chapter member’s dues may be available to support Chapter-organized activities.
  • Reduced rate (50% off) WAVMA Full Membership the year after graduation.
  • John L. Pitts Aquatic Veterinary Education Awards Program
  • Access to the latest editions of WAVMA's quarterly journal, The Aquatic Veterinarian.
  • Access to WAVMA member-only webpages and programs.
  • Aquatic veterinary externship and job listings.
  • WAVMA promotional flyers, brochures and other materials for distribution to other students.
  • Free or discounted registration for WAVMA meetings, symposia, conferences or educational webinars.
  • Participation in the WAVMA Certified Aquatic Veterinarian (CertAqV) Credentialing Program.
  • Access to WAVMA e-mail listservs, including Members-L, and Student-L.



Consider joining the WAVMA Chapter Facebook Group to find out what's happening in other Chapters


University of Pretoria, Onderstepoort Faculty of Veterinary Science, South Africa (established 2017)

2020 Officers - Cailin Cunningham (President), Candice Elliot (Vice-President), Deepali Narotam (Secretary and Social Media), Tayla Marcel (Treasurer), Daylin Gounden (Events & Fundraising); Faculty Advisor – Prof. Jan Myburg; Chapter Contactclick here.


Australia, New Zealand & Micronesia

Murdoch University, School of Veterinary & Life Sciences, Australia (established 2014)

2020 Officers - Tony Smith (President), Spencer Tan (Vice-President), Chloe Poyee Ting (Secretary), Hannah Wang (Tresurer), Megan Chu, Justin Chan (General Committee);  Faculty Advisor - Dr. Richmond Loh; Chapter Contact – click here; Chapter's Facebook.


University of Sydney, School of Veterinary Science, Australia (established 2014)

2020 Officers - Lane Jordan (President), Kailey Gullickson (Vice President), Simona Zduoba (Secretary), Natalie Tym (Treasurer); Events coordinators: Sharon Backley-Astrachan, Dean Pappas, Felicity Lam, Steph Wheatly, Maddison Eustace; Faculty Advisor - Dr. Paul Hick; Chapter Contact - click here.   Chapter's Facebook.


Canada, Caribbean & United States

Auburn University, College of Veterinary Medicine, USA (established 2013)

2017 Officers - Lindsay Lawreck (President), Erika Gibson (Vice President), Samantha Page (Treasurer), Emily Horton (Secretary), Lockett Nelson (Business Manager); Faculty Advisors - Drs. Ray Wilhite & Jack Kottwitz; Chapter Contact - click here.


Colorado State University, College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences, USA (established 2019)

2019 Officers - Kathryn Ziegner and Lindsay MacDonald (Co-Presidents), Annie Clift (Vice-President), Amanda Vegter (Secretary), Danni Scott (Treasurer), Lindsay Francis (Education and Outreach Coordinator); Faculty Advisor, Dr. Miranda Sadar; Chapter Contactclick here


Cornell University, College of Veterinary Medicine, USA (establshed 2019)

2019 Officers - Laci Taylor (President/Marketing), Brian Chambers (Vice President), Xanth El-Sayed (Treasurer/Fundraising), Daniel Ruvolo (Secretary); Faculty Advisor - Dr. Rodman Getchell; Chapter Contact - click here.


Mississippi State University, College of Veterinary Medicine, USA (established 2014)

2016 Officers - Elizabeth Works (President), Taylor James (Vice-President), David Mills (Treasurer), Madeleine Hendrix (Secretary); Faculty Advisor - Dr. Wes Baumgartner; Chapter Contact - click here


Ohio State University, College of Veterinary Medicine, USA (established 2018)

2019-2020 Officers – Michael Palillo (President), Adam Feinzig (Vice-President), Cheryl Theile (President-Elect), Dermot Hutchinson (Treasurer), Mark Bilger (Secretary), Charlene Morotti (USAS Representative), Alexis Johnson (Merchandise/PR Chair); Faculty Advisor – Dr. Raphael Malbrue; Chapter Contact – click here.


Oregon State University, College of Veterinary Medicine, USA (established 2017)

2018-2019 Officers – Katharine "Ono" Onofryton (President), Lesley Cohen (President-Elect), Laura Eldridge (Vice-President), Corinne Weston (Secretary), Elin Crockett (Treasurer), Robyn Cates (Wetlab Coordinator); Faculty Advisor – Dr. Tim Miller-Morgan; Chapter Contactclick here.   Chapter's Facebook


Ross University, School of Veterinary Medicine, St. Kitts & Nevis, West Indies (established 2015)

2017-2018 Officers - Megan Smallcomb (President), Mikayla Fahey (Vice President), Lauren Saroli (Secretary), Ashley Sierra (Treasurer/Fundraising Chair); Faculty Advisors - Drs. Don Bergfelt & Mark Freeman; Chapter Contact - click here.  Chapter's Facebook.


St. George's University, St. George's University, School of Veterinary Medicine, Granada, West Indies (established 2018)

2019 Officers - Kailah Buchanan (President), Nicole Clark (Vice-President), Desiree Chavez (Treasurer), Evangelia Makrygiannis (Secretary), Anastasia Lackey (Fundraising Chair), Arielle Bierman (Public Relations Chairs). Faculty Advisor - Dr. David Marancik. Chapter Contact - click here.


Tuskegee University, School of Veterinary Medicine, USA (established 2012)

2020 Officers - Robert McGowan (President), Atalani Jackson (Vice President), Jazmine Prichett (Treasurer), Onyx Goins (Secretary); Faculty Advisor - Dr. Kenneth Newkirk; Chapter Contact - click here.


University of California, Davis School of Veterinary Medicine, (Established 2020)

2020 OfficersErica Chang (WAVMA Liaison); Amber Lum, Alison Jeffrey, Amanda Dukes (WAAM Co-presidents); Kassandra Schneider (Treasurer); Emma Zhang (Secretary); Faculty Advisors - Drs. Jenessa Gjeltema, Esteban Soto and Michael Ziccardi; Chapter Contact - Click here


University of Florida, College of Veterinary Medicine, USA (established 2013)

2016 Officers - Haley Violetta (President), Riley Shugg (Vice President), Kaylee Brown (Treasurer), Megan Joyce (Secretary); Faculty Advisor - Dr. Tom Waltzek; Chapter Contact - click here.


University of Georgia, College of Veterinary Medicine, USA (established 2015)

2019 Officers - Miranda Rawlins (President), Ali Vavlas (Vice-President), Kenzie Schwartz (Treasurer), Juliette Lacoste (Secretary); Faculty Advisor, Dr. Alvin Camus; Chapter Contact - click here.


University of Illinois, College of Veterinary Medicine, USA (established 2018)

2019 Officers - Amanda Watters (President), Diane Moon (Vice-President), Allison Murawski (Secretary), Alec Colosi (Treasurer); Faculty Advisor - Dr. Kathleen Colegrove-Calvey; Chapter Contact - click here.


University of Minnesota, College of Veterinary Medicine, USA (established 2016)

2016 Officers - Sarah Knowles (Chair), Angela Jackson (Secretary); Faculty Advisor - Dr. Amy Kizer; Chapter Contact - click here.


Western University of Health Sciences, College of Veterinary Medicine, USA (established 2014)

2019 Officers - Logan McAllister (President), Leanna Boyd (Vice President), Simon Zhu (Treasurer), Samantha Melero (Secretary); Faculty Advisor - Dr. Suzana Tkalcic; Chapter Contact - click here.  Chapter's Facebook.


University of Wisconsin, School of Veterinary Medicine, USA (established 2014)

2017 Officers - Nikki Wuestenhagen (President), Nicole Nietlisbach (Vice President), Tara Dedolph (Secertary), Jenna Newman (Treasurer), Kellyanne Remy (Activities Coordinator); Faculty Advisor - Dr. Mike Collins; Chapter Contact - click here.




David Scarfe PhD, DVM, MRSSAf, CertAqV
WAVMA Secretary

Mailing Address

25871 Duran Ave
Conifer, CO 80433
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