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Welcome Message from the 2019 WAVMA President

The founders came together to form WAVMA some 14 years ago, with the aim of creating a global organization to serve the interests of aquatic veterinarians and the veterinary profession; and ensure that this discipline grows to meet the needs of producers, industries and other stakeholders. Over the years, WAVMA has proved itself to be a global leader in aquatic veterinary medicine, with membership and alliances spanning more than 85 countries.

Without a doubt, individuals are increasingly looking to WAVMA as a source of leadership in aquatic veterinary medicine which is exemplified by the continued interest in membership and WAVMA programs. Over the years, quite a number of individuals have contributed to bringing the organization to where it is today. The task at hand is to build on the gains of the past decade and shape the direction of 2020 and beyond. Against this background, 2019 is pivotal to build on what the Executive Board and our committees have previously developed. As President, my focus for the year is on the strengthening and streamlining of WAVMA programs and the internal procedures and policies of the organization. This is important since it is essential that WAVMA engages the public and other organizations from the position of transparency, competency and credibility. The 2019 Board will benefit from a mix of persons with lots of years in the WAVMA leadership and persons being on the board for the first time, thus providing both experience and fresh ideas....click to read more


What is WAVMA?

WAVMA has been able to organise aquatic veterinary educational programs or streams at the WVA Congress since 2005 and an aquatics stream at the WSAVA Congress since 2015. Through these affiliations, WAVMA has been able to build bridges with numerous veterinary and non-veterinary organisations around the world, including OIE and FAO. Consequently, WAVMA has promoted aquatic veterinary medicine within our profession but also to those outside the profession.
As an organisation with global reach, it is important that we continue to be the conduit of shared knowledge to improve, promote and expand aquatic veterinary medicine. WAVMA is an altruistic organisation prepared to share and build resources for the benefit of the aquatic veterinary community globally.

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