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WAVMA Celebrates Our 10th Birthday in 2016!


Update from WAVMA's 2016 President,             Dr. Nick Saint-Erne 

Chris Walster - Wavma President

This year is the 10th year of operation of the aquatic veterinary group known as the World Aquatic Veterinary Medical Association. In August we will celebrate our 10th Annual General Meeting, at the AVMA Convention in San Antonio, Texas, on August 6, 2016. For more information about our Annual General Meeting, see the current issue of The Aquatic Veterinarian journal, which is a commerative issue and publicly available!
     In the past two issues, I have been reviewing the activities of the early years of WAVMA, and will continue that theme throughout this year. There are also some great articles by two of the original eight WAVMA founders, Peter Merrill and David Scarfe, in the June issue. Some important information can be found in the early issues, which are available free to download from our website. For example, in the 2009 Aquatic Vet News 3:(2), President Hugh Mitchell highlighted some pertinent issues affecting aquatic veterinarians: regulations; lack of aquatic veterinarians [not as problematic in 2016 as it was previously!]; non-veterinarians filling veterinary roles; lack of clinical research on aquatic species; lack of approved drugs and biologics; drug accessibility to clients [without a veterinary Rx]; scarcity of aquatic curriculum in vet schools; definition of an “aquatic animal”; lack of credentialing; client diversity; lack of understanding that fish are “veterinary animals”.
     The keys to resolving these issues were identified as implementing a good educational website and an aquatic veterinarian certification. I have to interject here that through the tireless work of Chris Walster, David Scarfe, Stephen Reichley and our website host, Gary Fairchild, we have created a phenomenal (and ever improving) website; and since our first 11 Aquatic Veterinarians were certified in 2013 [see Aquatic Vet News 7:(3) for information about the completion of the CertAqV Program!] using the program developed by the WAVMA Credentialing Committee, we have accomplished the two goals that President Mitchell suggested, and now have 41 Certified Aquatic Veterinarians around the world. Maybe that is why WAVMA has continued to grow as a respected, worldwide association.
     In addition to the history of WAVMA recorded in our past newsletters, there is a wealth of medical information in each issue of The Aquatic Vet News from the very first issue. You can download pdf files of those issues from the Archived TAV Issues webpage.
     With best wishes for the continued success of WAVMA for the next ten years, and to infinity and beyond! 


WAVMA Virtual Conference May 3-4 2016

Gain CE/CPD and learn in your own time. The conference will stream live on 3-4 May and will include Q&A's as well as discussion forums where you can debate topical questions. The presentations will be available for up to six months but you should sign up prior to the conference for best rates. Click here for further information.


What is WAVMA?

WAVMA has been able to organise aquatic veterinary educational programs or streams at the WVA Congress since 2005 and, from this year, an aquatics stream at the WSAVA Congress for the first time ever. Through these affiliations, WAVMA has been able to build bridges with numerous veterinary and non-veterinary organisations around the world, including OIE and FAO. Consequently, WAVMA has promoted aquatic veterinary medicine within our profession but also to those outside the profession.
As an organisation with global reach, it is important that we continue to be the conduit of shared knowledge to improve, promote and expand aquatic veterinary medicine. WAVMA is an altruistic organisation prepared to share and build resources for the benefit of the aquatic veterinary community globally.

2016 WAVMA Programs

WAVMA once again has organised educational programs or will have a presence at several meetings around the world. Please see WAVMA's Meetings and Conferences page for meetings which WAVMA will organise or contribute to. Come along and meet some of the WAVMA team.
If travel is not your thing then get your CEPD through WAVMA’s, WebCEPDClinical Corner and e-News. Keep an eye on Members-L, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter for further information.
WAVMA’s quarterly publication The Aquatic Veterinarian is now indexed (ISSN 2329 – 5562) and includes peer reviewed papers. Our thriving listserv provides contact with professional colleagues, meetings and job vacancies globally. Membership brings many other benefits including discounts on text books and webinars and access to scholarships.
WAVMA membership means being part of the largest aquatic veterinary association which actively strives to achieve its Mission Statement. With the 2016 programs that are in place, your membership dues will save you  $100's annually in member discounts and services.
WAVMA is an Affiliate member of the World Small Animal Veterinary Association (WSAVA) and an Associate member of the World Veterinary Association (WVA).




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