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WAVMA Leadership: Executive Board and Committees


Volunteer Opportunities

As a member-driven organization, WAVMA relies on volunteers to help set the direction and implement programs useful for all members. Any WAVMA member can volunteer for a leadership role on the Executive Board or any Committee to help shape the direction of the Association, meet new colleagues, forge valuable and lasting relationships, and help address key issues affecting aquatic veterinary medicine.

Executive Board members are elected annually, but any member can request serving on a Committee at any time by contacting the WAVMA President, or any of the Board members listed below. 


Executive Board

Executive Board Responsibilities: The Executive Board has the responsibility for charting the general course and direction of WAVMA.  They have fiduciary oversight of all issues, and, with input of committees, task forces, councils and other WAVMA bodies, and provide the oversight and approval for all WAVMA programs and services that fulfill the Mission and Objectives of the organization. The Board generally meets once a month through teleconferences, and when possible in-person meetings, to discuss and approve WAVMA programs, services, and policies that drive the organization and issues that affect aquatic veterinary medicine.

Members may submit items for discussion at the next Executive Board meeting by contacting the WAVMA Secretary.

Executive Board Elections: Each year, approximately 60 days before the Annual General Meeting (AGM; usually in August or September), nominations open for President-Elect, Secretary, Treasurer, and Directors-at-Large. Nominees' biographical information is distributed to all members, and a 30-day on-line ballot allows Full Members to cast their vote. Election results are announced at the AGM. Individuals elected participate in Executive Board discussion and meetings for the remainder of that calendar year, and begin their 12-month term of office as voting members on January 1 of the following year.  


Current Executive Board

President: Dr. Devon Dublin (Guyana/Japan)
Past-President: Dr. David Scarfe (USA)
President-Elect: Dr. Jena Questen (USA)
Secretary: Dr. Stephen Reichley (USA)
Treasurer: Dr. Nick Saint-Erne (USA)
Directors-at-Large: Dr. Matthijs Metselaar (UK), Dr. Christine Parker-Graham (USA), Dr. Gillian Taylor (South Africa)


















Communications Committee 
The Committee oversees publication of WAVMA's The Aquatic Veterinarian, email listservs, social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) to ensure communication with members and others involved with aquatic veterinary medicine. (see full description)

Meetings Committee
The Committee oversees and coordinates logistics for WAVMA-organized or sponsored symposia, conferences, and other aquatic veterinary educational meetings. (see full description) 

Membership Committee
The Committee oversees membership issues to optimally serve members and the organization. 

Practitioner Credentialing Committee
The Committee oversees and administers the CertAqV Program for credentialing aquatic veterinary practitioners. (see full description)

Education and Student Committee
The ESC Committee was established to develop, evaluate, and promote aquatic veterinary education for WAVMA members and foster communications and networking amongst WAVMA student members. To increase opportunities in aquatic veterinary medicine, to develop continuing education and professional development (CEPD) programs for veterinarians and veterinary para-professionals. (see full description)


Past Presidents

2018: Dr. A. David Scarfe (USA)
2017: Dr. Laura Urdes (Romania)
2016: Dr. Nick Saint-Erne (USA)
2015: Dr. Chris Walster (UK)
2014: Dr. Richmond Loh (Australia)
2013: Dr. Mohamed Faisal (USA)
2012: Dr. Dusan Palic (Germany)
2011: Dr. Julius Tepper (USA)
2010: Dr. Fotini Athanassopoulou (Greece)
2009: Dr. Hugh Mitchell (USA)
2008: Dr. Ron Roberts (UK)
2006/7: Dr. Peter L. Merrill (USA)



Stephen Reichley, DVM, PhD, CertAqV
WAVMA Secretary

Mailing Address

25871 Duran Ave
Conifer, CO 80433
United States