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Location: Olympia, Washington

Employer: Northwest Indian Fisheries Commission

Application Deadline: 30 June 2020

Brief Description: Assist Veterinarian II in providing veterinary prescriptive services to tribal salmonid enhancement facilities, other facilities under contract, and tribal wildlife capture programs. Serve as the Veterinarian of Record for assigned programs and establish a valid veterinary-client-patient relationship needed to prescribe drugs. Ensure all prescribed therapeutants are applied safely and efficaciously and their use follows WA state and federal laws. Work with tribes to implement preventative strategies intended to promote fish health and reduce antibiotic use.

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Position: Postdoctoral Scholar

Location: UC Davis

Employer: UC Davis

Application Deadline: Not given (received May 14 2020)

Brief Description: A postdoctoral research scholar position is available in Dr. Luxin Wang’s microbial food safety lab in theDepartment of Food Science and Technology at the University of California Davis. The primaryresponsibility of this position will be to conduct studies that will increase our knowledge on the effects ofantibiotic treatments on the microbiota present in aquaculture systems and the stress responses of commonfoodborne pathogens using next generation sequencing technologies. The responsibility of the candidatewill be to perform and participate in all aspects of research projects: ordering equipment and supplies,designing sampling protocols, conducting field sampling and data collection, performing DNA extractionand library preparation, delivering data analysis using novel bioinformatics tools, writing reports, andpreparing manuscripts for refereed journal publication. Projects will incorporate a range of experimental(cellular and molecular), informatics, and theoretical/computational approaches. Supervision and interaction with graduate and undergraduate students working on the project is also expected.

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Position: Senior Veterinarian

Location: Shed Aquarium, Chicago

Employer: Shed Aquarium

Application Deadline: Not given (received February 21 2020)

Brief Description: Shedd Aquarium is a nonprofit organization dedicated to animal care and welfare, conservation research and public education. Situated on the shore of Lake Michigan, Shedd is home to nearly 32,000 aquatic animals representing more than 1,500 species of fishes, reptiles, amphibians, invertebrates, birds and mammals from waters around the world.

The Senior Veterinarian establishes and implements a comprehensive medical program, manages clinical medical cases, supports a medical records system, and provides reports on the health of the animal collection.  The Senior Veterinarian is a significant member of the clinical team with primary responsibility in direct patient care and service to the remainder of the Animal Care staff.  The Senior Veterinarian should bring considerable clinical experience and demonstrated ability to work effectively with a diverse workforce.  Specific experience with Marine Mammals (to include pinnipeds, cetaceans and otters) is highly desired.  This position represents the department on aquarium teams and professional associations to assure the high quality of animal care at Shedd Aquarium.

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Position: Product Management Specialist- Aquaculture 

Location: Nanaimo, BC

Employer: Syndel Canada

Application Deadline: As of January 17, 2020

Brief Description: The Product Management Specialist is a member of the Product Management Team and will assist with and/or lead in all aspects of Product Management, including but not limited to writing regulatory submissions, routine regulatory reports, product development, quality control and project management.  This position is a technical administrative position and involves managing proprietary pharmaceutical files and projects which may include verbal and written communications with US and Canadian regulatory agencies, consultants and strategic partners.

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Position: Aquatic Animal Health Fellowship

Location: UC Davis

Employer: UC Davis

Application Deadlline: March 1st 2020

Brief Description: This is a one-year program designed to train post-graduate veterinarians in the field of aquatic animal health. Specifically, this program will train candidates to integrate expertise in aquatic animal medicine into the broader fields of animal, human, and ecosystem health, through experiences from aquaculture, fisheries, public aquaria, companion animal medicine, academia and research. An additional goal of the fellowship program is to increase the diversity of veterinarians involved in aquatic animal medicine. Candidates are encouraged to address this and how their selection will help achieve enhanced diversity.

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