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Richmond Loh - Wavma President

Welcome (Richmond Loh WAVMA President)

What is the WAVMA about? The WAVMA gives aquatic veterinarians identity, and opportunities to learn and to contribute; connecting veterinarians through space and time, to continuously acquire new and better forms of knowledge to apply to our work and lives. It is global, multidisciplinary and inter-generational.

The discipline of aquatic veterinary medicine can be described as both a niche, and the fastest growth area in veterinary science. The WAVMA is dedicated to reinvent veterinary science by bringing aquatic veterinary medicine to the forefront, creating new opportunities, positioning ourselves for the future, by building a competitive advantage and harnessing the skills of its members.
The vision for this year is to promote and fine tune our existing programs, and to create more opportunities for aquatic veterinarians. We need to enhance market access of aquatic veterinarians and improve, not only the awareness of aquatic veterinarians, but also client perception of our area of expertise. By doing these things, we can really grow the World Aquatic Veterinary Medical Association. 
Three areas we will concentrate on in the year ahead are:
  1. Relevance: to satisfy the needs and wants of its members, through support, CEPD, recognition of prior experience and defending the aquatic area for the veterinary profession.
  2. Pre-eminence: about growing the WAVMA brand within our profession (to our colleagues) and outside our profession (to our clients) by promoting the value and utilisation of suitably qualified aquatic veterinarians to our clients.
  3. Reach: through the internet (social media) and engaging in open dialogue with other organisations.
We look forward to your input as a member of the WAVMA. See the full text of the President’s Welcome letter and WAVMA’s Mission Statement

2014 WAVMA Programs

WAVMA has once again organised educational programs or will be present at several meetings around the world:
Aquaculture America 2014, Seattle, Washington. February 9 - 12.
AVMA Convention. Denver, Colorado. 25 - 29 July
ISAAH. Portland, Oregon. August 31 – September 4 where we will also hold our AGM.
FAVA. Singapore. 28 – 30 November 
Additionally WAVMA Board members will attend the WSAVA Congress, FVS Scientific Meeting, Edinburgh, UK. 25 – 26 March. SAVMA Symposium and possibly AFS–DAA9 Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam 24-28 November.
If travel is not your thing then get your CEPD through WAVMA’s Clinical Corner. Keep an eye on Members-L, eNews or WebCEPD pages for further information.
WAVMA’s quarterly publication The Aquatic Veterinarian is now indexed (ISSN 2329 – 5562) and includes peer reviewed papers. Our thriving listserv provides contact with professional colleagues, meetings and job vacancies globally. Membership brings many other benefits including discounts on text books and webinars, access to scholarships and unlimited cloud back-up of computers allowing you to access and/or share your documents on any computer, tablet or smartphone.
WAVMA membership means being part of the largest aquatic veterinary association which actively strives to achieve its Mission Statement. Additionally, with the new programs introduced for 2014, your membership dues could save you well over $600 annually in member discounts and services.
WAVMA is an Affiliate member of the World Small Animal Veterinary Association (WSAVA) and an Associate member of the World Veterinary Association (WVA).

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Christopher I. Walster BVMS MVPH MRCVS
WAVMA Secretary
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