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Eagle Fish Health Laboratory

Eagle Fish Health Laboratory

Location: 1800 Trout Rd., Eagle, Idaho, 83616, United States

Application Deadline: N/A

Program Description

We have a unique situation at the Eagle Fish Health Lab. We have two fish health providers that service 20 hatcheries across the state and 3 lab technologists working in a fairly modern lab doing the testing on the samples for viral and bacterial pathogens. We have a modern dorm with kitchens and laundry. This is a real opportunity to do hands on fish health work for senior vet students. Students will be collecting, transporting, submitting, and working up samples collected at IDFG hatcheries for the Integrated Fish Health Program practiced at these facilities Students will work with juvenile steelhead and Chinook salmon, rainbow trout, and adult Chinook salmon. Students will be introduced to Hatchery Biosecurity programs and their applications Students will also receive some training in bacteriology, virology, and parasitology of salmonids and other fish. ELISA-based culling program for Bacterial Kidney Disease (BKD) of adult Chinook salmon is a major portion of the program.

Animals Typically Seen at Organization, Institution or Clinic

Most commonly salmon and trout, other fish species may also be seen.

Knowledge or Experience Required

Experience with the following is useful, but nor mandatory: Evaluating live, sick and dead fish Collecting diagnostic samples Preserving samples Evaluating laboratory diagnostic tests and samples

Information on when this externship runs, duration and start / end dates (if applicable)

We accept externs during the fall months. Contact us for additional information and specific dates available.

Accommodation / Housing

On-site dorms

How to Apply

Contact the Idaho Department of Fish and Game Eagle Fish Health Laboratory for information and availability of externships.

For More Information


Contact: Dr. Nicole Walrath

Email: nicole.walrath@idfg.idaho.gov

Phone: +1 (208) 939-2413

Date posted: May-27-2020



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