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Virtual Conference latest news

One of the few advantages to being a conference organiser is you get to see the talks as they come in and I can tell you that there are some marvellous talks lined up for attendees next week. They are not only full of information but also thought provoking. Everyone will learn something, from students to professors and I have already learnt more than I usually expect to do at conferences and there are still several talks to be uploaded.


Highlights over the last day or so of talks seen have been a talk from Dr Rob Jones on reproduction in sharks and Dr Matt Metselaar on veterinary strategies for diseases of unknown origin or treatment. As said previously, there will be over 20 talks and accept for the keynote speakers which will stream live, all talks will be available “on demand” and be eligible for CE/CPD.


Another aspect of the conference which I look forward to is the chance to discuss presentations with their authors and also my colleagues in the chat rooms. These discussions potentially could be more useful than the presentations as questions can be answered and maybe the conversation will result in solving that burning issue or research problem.


All in all, this virtual conference could turn out to be one of the biggest repositories of aquatic animal medicine available to all. If you have not already signed up then I would encourage you to do so. This conference will not only benefit you but also support WAVMA in continuing to develop innovative methods of learning and distributing knowledge on aquatic animal medicine.


For more information please looks at the conference website wavma.vetacademy.net or the other news items in this thread on the WAVMA website or the conference page.



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Stephen Reichley, DVM, PhD, CertAqV
WAVMA Secretary

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