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Sign up for the WAVMA Virtual Conference 2016

Sign up over the weekend and gain these Privileges!

To sign up go to wavma.vetacademy.net.

To obtain your WAVMA discount code got to www.wavma.org/member-discount-codes-2016. You will need to sign in using your WAVMA membership details.

Anyone new or old who is a member of WAVMA can obtain the WAVMA members discount code for this conference at the above address so if you’re considering joining WAVMA now is the time to Become a Member.

  • Be entered for a draw to win a DVD by Dr Richmond Loh “Fish Vetting Techniques & Practical Tips”
  • Avoid paying VAT (Sales Tax) which could save you 20% off the price
  • Ensure you will have access to the live keynote presentations as numbers will be limited.

If you delay registering for the Virtual Conference you may not get access whilst it is streaming live as the platform WAVMA is using cannot be open for registration during the conference. Registration will effectively close at midnight on the 2nd May and will not open again until the live conference is over. So ensure you sign up now.


Discussion forums

A great advantage of this conference is the ability to not only listen to the presentations but ask questions of the presenter and discuss with your peers on the subject matter. This provides for a far better learning experience and contributes to the overall knowledge gained from the presentation. The discussion forums will remain open after the event but whether or not you will get that burning question answered by the presenter or another expert in the field may be debatable. Sign up to ensure you get to learn all you can from the conference.



We have five keynote speakers all recognised experts in their fields with some very topical presentations. Listen to:

Prof Greg Lewbart discussing advances in invertebrate medicine

Keith Davenport discussing the social and environmental advantages of ornamental fish keeping

Prof Simon Davies on creating tomorrows robust fish through superior nutritional strategies

Prof Mohamed Faisal discussing surveillance and control of diseases in wild populations

Prof Ron Roberts - title to be confirmed.


There are a further 21 speakers who will talk on a wide range of topics. Highlights include:

Prof Rod Wilson on the physiological effects of high CO2 in recirculation systems

Dr Devon Dublin on the Japanese Satoyama-Satoumi concept and its usefulness within the framework of One Health.

Dr Paul Schroeder on the continuing debate on applying animal welfare standards to fish

Dr Matt Metselaar discussing veterinary strategies for diseases of unknown cause or treatment

Dr Willie Wildgoose on goldfish buoyancy disease


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Stephen Reichley, DVM, PhD, CertAqV
WAVMA Secretary

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